Used as control and signal cables in various electromechanical and electronic equipments of marine vehicles, in most areas & open deck in ships. Due to its’ overall screen the electromagnetic interference is minimized.

* Minimum recommended installation temperature -15°C

For core identification, diameter tolerances and current ratings etc. see technical information section


CONDUCTOR : Electrolytic, stranded, annealed copper wire IEC 60228 Class 2 (Class 5 and / or tinned on request)
INSULATION : Cross linked polyethylene compound (XLPE). Each pair formed by white cores wiht black numbers.
INNER COVERING : Separating foil.
SCREEN : Electrolytic copper braided screen (Min. 90% coverage). (Tinned copper wire braid on reguest)
OUTER SHEATH : Halogen-free, flame retardant, polyolefin based compound (SHF 1).
COLOR : Orange or Green.

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