• YMvK Dca complies with the fire class Dca-s2, d2, a3 according to NEN-EN 50575.

  • Suitable for applications in buildings with a normal fire risk according to NEN 8012.


  • Use VO-YMvKas Dca or VG-YMvKas Dca when the cables are directly in the ground.

  • From 35 mm2 conductor cross-section YMvK Dca changes into YMvK Dca rss.


NEN 3617
HD 604-4-D
K 42C-1-4-D

  • Power and control cable in low-voltage installations up to 1000 V, suitable for all applications specified in NEN 1010, especially where high demands are made on fire safety.

  • Fixed mounting in sight, mounting by means of brackets or on raised saddles, or in the ground in specially designed tubes or gutters.

  • Suitable for use in damp areas.

  • Can be installed in adverse conditions, such as high ambient temperatures, and in cable bundles.

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